FAIR Data, Model & OASIS Products

Guiding Questions

  1. What OASIS databases, data products, and analysis tools need to be developed? (e.g., well documented code for bulk flux formulae)?
  2. How can OASIS expand its observational network by setting up FAIR data frameworks for an as wide as possible range of participants (e.g. Citizen Scientists, Merchant Marines, fishing fleet, commercial groups, non-governmental organizations, and others that spend time at sea)?
  3. How can best practices be developed and adopted for producing FAIR data for OASIS?

Terms of Reference

The purpose of this theme team is to identify which FAIR data, models, and products that OASIS can support in their development to create a predictable ocean.

  • Work collaboratively with other OASIS theme teams and stakeholders to find what FAIR OASIS data, models, and products need to be developed to create a predictable ocean.

  • Draft and implement actions that would advance OASIS 2030 goals. These Actions will be presented to GOOS, GCOS, WCRP, etc. for inclusion in international implementation plans.

    • Identify and support relevant flux toolboxes, data, and products in accordance with FAIR principles.

    • Promote and coordinate existing and new open source, well documented code for bulk flux algorithms and physical fluxes of direct covariance and trace gasses such as CO2.

    • Elevate visibility of observation to user data pipelines, including through assimilation products.

    • Guide the development and accessibility of gridded air-sea flux products. Engage collaboratively with the community to develop a library of guidance documents to achieve FAIR principles relevant to air-sea fluxes.

  • Share and integrate vetted outcomes into other OASIS Theme Teams.

  • Work within the UN Ocean Decade framework to co-develop using Community of Practices

Theme Team Membership

Theme Team Leads:   Ute Schuster and Marcel du Plessis

Current Theme Team Members: Ute Schuster, Marcel du Plessis, Huai-Min Zhang, Bia Villas Noas, Yolande Serra, Hannah Joy-Warren, Nathan Anderson, Clarissa Anderson, Sarah Gille, Shawn Smith, Jack Reeves Eyre, Matt Mazloff, Nikolai Maximenko, Meghan Cronin, Verena Hormann, Kyla Drushka, Carol Anne Clayson, Jim Potemra, Devanshu, Elizabeth Kent, Jamie Shutler, Lisan Yu, Robert Ma, Brandon Reichl, Ruth Patterson

Staff Support: Masha Edmondson

Open membership — join here! 

List of Toolboxes

Toolbox Name Purpose
COARE Met and gas fluxes, Met in Python

COARE (3.0, 3.5, 3.6)

FluxEngine sea-air gas fluxes (CO2, CH4, N2O etc) and momentum fluxes.
AirSeaFluxCode Bulk momentum and heat. Read the article
Saildrone Direct Covariance Flux For calculating direct covariance fluxes from Saildrone high frequency data
MultiFlux Testbed Met fluxes
OOI Direct Covariance Flux Currently working on a GitHub site to locate and process OOI flux data

List of Flux Data Portals

Toolbox Name Scope
MarineFlux Under development. Ship-observed direct and bulk estimated fluxes 1990-2020
OceanSITES Flux

Under devleopment

NOAA Ocean Climate Stations

OAFlux-1 deg, blended Under development. Evaporation, Wind, wind stress, latent and sensible heat fluxes, air-sea variables from 1988-Present

OAFlux-0.25 deg Satellite

Evaporation, Wind, wind stress, latent and sensible heat fluxes, air-sea variables from 1988-Present

Global Tropical Buoy Array
TropFlux Adjusted reanalysis output. Read the article