OASIS UN Decade Actions Theme Team

Guiding Questions

  1. How can OASIS Ocean Shots become a reality?
  2. What vision of OASIS should be projected to achieve 2030 goals?
  3. What can OASIS do to make the 2030 vision a reality?

Terms of Reference

  • Identify OASIS-linked projects relevant for UN Decade Action Calls and Future Initiatives

  • Work with other OASIS Theme Teams to develop Ocean Shots and draft UN Ocean Decade Actions (1-5 years) that would advance OASIS 2030 goals

    • Advocate for mobilization of other Theme Team deliverables into the UN Ocean Decade Actions and Projects
    • Share and integrate vetted outcomes into other Theme Teams (e.g. sharing the attributes or metrics of success needed for implementation, or introducing new Projects or new Community of Practices to the other Theme Teams).
  • Track and help guide progress of OASIS-linked UN Decade Actions

    • Identify attributes and/or metrics of success (e.g., emerging observing networks should strive to have all the attributes described in the GOOS Observations Coordination Group’s list of Network Attributes).
  • Work to vet and implement Actions that would advance OASIS 2030 goals

    • Engage and coordinate with UN Ocean Decade and National Committees (e.g., U.S. NAS Ocean Shots leadership) to help OASIS-linked Projects obtain vetting necessary for endorsement, and to help OASIS-linked Projects identify resources for their implementation.
    • Present Actions to GOOS, GCOS, WCRP, CLIVAR, OARS etc. for vetting and inclusion in international implementation plans
    • Participate in Community of Practices, Decade Collaborative Centres, UN Decade Laboratories, Global Stakeholders Forum
  • Maintain resource spreadsheet and participate in UN Ocean Decade funding opportunities as appropriate

  • Project a clear and consistent vision of OASIS through diverse media that builds OASIS community and goals (e.g., OASIS webpages on airseaobs.org, UN Decade, and partner organizations; presentations; and other promotional material)

    • Maintain and update the OASIS Factsheet, OASIS websites, shared drives, communication platforms, and other access points
    • Work with support team to develop consistent visual and media branding that conveys OASIS vision; share branding information with full OASIS community

Theme Team Membership

Theme Team Leads: Clarissa Anderson and Meghan Cronin

Staff Support: Meredith Kurz

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